Clearing Clutter:
An Outer Journey and an Inner Journey

Clutter. It seems like it's here to stay, doesn't it?

Despite the abundance of well-meaning articles in magazines, the shelves of how-to books about how to get organized, and the many reality-TV shows about clearing out the stuff you've been holding on to for years, our issue with our stuff continues to grow.

So why is it that with all of the attention given to this problem, our lives are still so stressed, often overwhelming, and so full of stuff and activities and clutter that we can barely breathe?

(By the way, this is likely true even if you don't believe you have a issue with excess stuff.)

Traditional Approaches Simply Don't Work

Traditional approaches to clearing and organizing your space focus on managing or getting a handle on the stuff...and acting as if it is a problem to be fixed, solved, or controlled (and even deeper, as if it's something to feel ashamed or embarrassed "why on earth haven't you gotten your act together yet?!?")

And the truth is, traditional approaches to clearing your space simply don't work.

Just like diets don't work, as much as we would desperately like to believe otherwise.

Clutter Starts Long Before It Shows Up In Your Home

Before the chaos shows up in your environment, it has to start somewhere...and where it starts is not in your closet or on your desk. So trying to "fix it" at the level of your closet or your desk without looking at the real source isn't going to change anything.

Clutter starts inside of you. Your outer environment is simply a reflection of what's going inside you, inside your mind, in your thoughts and beliefs and consciousness.

Here's the Good News...Your Clutter Is Here to Teach You

And the amazingly good news is that your stuff is here to teach you something really valuable. When you have physical excess in your life and you are holding on tightly, you have an opportunity to uncover parts of yourself that are ready to release and heal and grow and transform. And THEN the external space will start to shift.

What It Really Takes to Clear Clutter

Clearing your space is not about fixing, forcing, controlling, or's about discovering, allowing, listening, surrendering, trusting, mindfulness, spaciousness, and tapping in to your inner guidance. (Oh, yes, and there are practical how-to aspects included!)

In other words, to clear clutter for good, you need to look -- with love and acceptance -- at what's going on inside of you: the thoughts, beliefs, and habits that have created it in the first place.

Clearing is about releasing what's keeping you stuck...from the inside out.

And I Can Help...

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