Organize Your Childs Closet
in Easy, Kid-Sized Steps

Is helping to organize your childs closet driving you crazy?

Discover simple, straight-forward, practical tips on clearing out and organizing your childs closet...that you can do as soon as today.

Kids' Clothes

Do the same clearing-out process you did with their toys (see organizing kids toys). Are there clothes that no longer fit? Out-of-season clothes? Stuff they plain ol' don't like? Move that stuff on out of their room.

Oh, and anything else that is being stored in their room or their closet (like the fondue pot or the china you inherited from your mother-in-law)? Get that out of there, too.

Again, you can make it much easier for your child to keep their clothes organized simply by providing the right tools for the job.

Your kids will be more likely to hang up their clothes when:

  1. They can reach the clothes rod (either hang one specifically for them a few inches below their own height or use an adjustable rod that you can hang from the regular adult height rod).
  2. They have the right size hangers. Have you noticed how adult hangers are WAAAAY too big for kids' clothes? (Your kids have noticed, too.) Buy enough kid-sized hangers so your kids can hang EVERYTHING. I suggest white hangers, because you can always find more in the same color and the closet will look neater simply because all the hangers match.
  3. They have hooks. Hooks are great and easy to use, for anything from robes to jackets to a jump rope. 
  4. Rather than folding most clothes, I recommend hanging pretty much everything except for socks and underwear. You know how hard it is for YOU to keep your folded clothes neatly folded for approximately three minutes after you have straightened them? Imagine what it's like for your kids. That pile of T-shirts is going to be a mess immediately, and stuff will end up on the floor as they're frantically trying to find the one shirt they really want, which is invariably on the bottom of the pile. So eliminate that issue and hang them all. 

When you make it easy and fun for your child, it will be so much easier keeping your childs closet cleared out and organized!

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