Declutter Fast:
12 Easy Ways to Recognize Your Clutter

When learning how to declutter fast, you really need to know some sure-fire ways to DECIDE if something is I came up with a Top 10 List for you (actually, I came up with 12 ways to recognize your own clutter!):

  1. Use the The Clutter Test  - does it lift your energy or bring you joy? If not, it's clutter.
  2. Take out your favorites (no more than 50% of your stuff), and take a good, hard look at everything else. Most of what's left is clutter.
  3. If you haven't used it in a year, it's clutter.
  4. If you won't likely use it in the coming year either (and aren't actively planning on using it), it's clutter.
  5. If you feel yourself hesitating when you look at it, it's clutter.
  6. If you struggle with the decision, it's definitely clutter.
  7. If you feel upset in any way when you see it, it's clutter.
  8. If you're keeping it because you think you should (it was a gift, it was expensive, etc.), it's clutter.
  9. If you feel yourself resisting getting rid of it, it's clutter.
  10. If you feel yourself coming up with reasons to keep it, it's clutter.
  11. If it's broken, needs cleaning, etc., and you don't want to spend the time, money, or energy RIGHT NOW (like THIS WEEK) to fix it, it's clutter.
  12. If you don't even know what it is, it's definitely clutter.

As you're going through your stuff, if any of the above indicators tell you that something is clutter, you can get rid of it - and declutter fast.

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