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Want some great free ideas for organizing clutter?

I created this entire website to share my favorites, and here are a few more:

First of all, it's important to realize that clearing clutter takes time. Many people overwhelm themselves when they get started, so I'm inviting you to be gentle with yourself.

Second, it's NOT about your stuff. Yes, your stuff is what seems to be driving you crazy, but it's actually deeper than that...and you can do something about it, changing not only your physical environment but also what's going on inside of you as well.

Why Can Clutter Clearing Seem So Challenging?

One of the reasons getting rid of clutter can seem so challenging is that you bump right up against what I call your Reptilian Brain ...and it's trying very hard to keep you from making any changes in your life.

Another reason getting rid of clutter feels hard is that clutter means literally "stuck"...and once you have clutter piling up, it often feels harder and harder to unstick yourself.

Some of My Favorite Free Ideas for Organizing Clutter:

One of my favorite tips can actually go a long way to keeping you clutter free forever (it's called Doing Complete Work).

Another of my favorite ideas for organizing clutter is to regularly handle things that are driving you crazy (I call them tolerations) that show up in your life.

Two more easy tips that help you clear clutter more gently include the "one in, two out" technique and setting limits.

How to Get Rid of Your Stuff

You may also want to know where to donate, recycle, and dispose of your stuff once you're ready to get rid of it.

There you have it...some easy ways to get lots of free ideas for clearing out clutter in your life, your business, your home, your relationships, your time, your body, and your energy!


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