Help With Clutter:
Step 8: Systematize How You Handle New Stuff

To help with clutter, you will make things a lot easier on yourself by systematizing how you handle the new stuff that you bring in to your home.

In fact, before you even bring anything new into your life, it really helps to check with yourself to make sure you truly want the item.

Do you love it? Or is it just something you're settling for?

Will you use it? Does it fill a need you already knew you had, or is it simply an impulse purchase that you made in response to a sale, the tempting placement of the item in the store, or some other reason other than a specific need?

Does it take the place of an item you currently own, or is it simply a duplicate?

Effectively dealing with clutter issues often starts by slowing down the inflow of additional items into your home.

Find it a home:  When you do buy or acquire something new, find a designated home for it right away. Otherwise, you are literally creating clutter immediately.

This goes for staples like toilet paper and post-it notes and canned goods as well as for more permanent items, like clothes, or a new lawn mower, or a new blender.

Finding a home for new items may mean rearranging items that you currently own, or making sure that you have enough shelving or containers.

Get rid of something old:  When you buy something new, consider getting rid of something you currently have. So if you bring in a new set of drinking glasses because you don't love your current set, then get rid of that current set rather than moving it to the back of the kitchen cabinet "just in case."

Systematizing how you handle new purchases will help with clutter, so it's not building up right as you bring new items in the door.


When you're done with this step of clearing your clutter, move on to the next step: Step 9: Develop Habits To Stay On Track

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