How to Organize Clutter
Step 4: Organize What’s Left

Step 4 in How to Organize Clutter is learning how to organize the items that are left after you have cleared out your clutter.

As a reminder, I always recommend decluttering first, then organizing. On average, about 50-75% of the items in most people's homes are actually clutter (even the stuff that is expensive or is still good), and if you clear out the clutter first, the next steps go so much more smoothly.

Just imagine clearing out even 25% of the items that are currently filling your closets, drawers, and garage. You will have a lot less to organize, and the job will be so much easier.

So first clear out the excess before you start figuring out how to organize anything.

Once you have cleared out the excess, here are a few of my favorite tips in how to organize clutter:

Group similar items together:  

This is one of the most powerful tips in organizing. When you group items that are similar in the same place, you can easily see how many you have, you will always know where they are, and you'll be able to see what kind of organizer or storage container you will need to hold the items.

Designate a home for everything:  

Once you have grouped similar items together, designate a place for everything and keep everything in its place. You can use this guideline for everything from shampoo to paperwork to clothes to garden tools in the garage.

In fact, the fastest way to create a mess is to NOT have a home for things...because if something doesn't have a place where it goes, where will it go? Likely on the first available surface.

So go through your home and make sure that everything in it has a 'home' and that everyone knows where that home is.


When you're done with this step of clearing your clutter, move on to the next step: Step 5: Choose Locations That Make Sense.

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