How To Organize Garage Areas:
Holiday Decorations

As you're deciding how to organize garage areas, you may need to find space to store holiday decorations.

First, create an area in your garage that will be dedicated to holiday items. You may want to install shelves in this area to hold the bins or boxes.

Storing Holiday Decorations

Unless they are really fragile or delicate, you should be able to store most holiday decorations in the garage (if you have extreme fluctuations in weather or humidity that would damage them in the garage, you may want to store your holiday decorations somewhere inside the house, basement, or attic).

To store holiday decorations in the garage, first sort out the decorations by category: decorations that go on the tree, silk or permanent wreaths, wrapping paper and ribbons, holiday knick knacks, stockings, and other holiday items.

Then, see if there are you are ready to get rid of...items that you no longer use or love.

Once you have cleared out items you no longer want, as you're deciding how to organize garage space, store the rest in clearly- bins, cardboard boxes, or specially designed holiday organizers.

Storing Holiday Lights

Collect all of your holiday lights in one location and go through them to see if there are any to get rid of.

My favorite way to store holiday lights is in clear plastic ziplock bags, one strand of lights per bag. You can write "white lights" or "multi-colored lights" right on the outside of the bag so you can just grab what you need next holiday season...and then store all of the bags in a large plastic bin with a lid.

Storing Outdoor Holiday Figurines

So many outdoor holiday decorations have gotten really large! Like all of those blow-up snowmen and manger scenes and reindeer with where do you put them when the holiday is over?

Since you probalby only use them once a year, it's best to store them out of the way the rest of the year, so you have room for items you use regularly more close at hand.

Putting outdoor holiday decorations on higher shelves in the garage (using a footstool) is one good idea, or using raisable ceiling shelving or racks. If they are fragile, you may want to put them in plastic bins or boxes first as you're deciding how to organize garage space.


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